Welcome to Theatrecraft, a week-end peforming arts group
for children aged 6 to 18

At Theatrecraft we offer children the chance to learn different styles of Theatrical Performance. We put on full, licensed Stage Musicals, Plays, Cabarets and Revues and give our students the experience of performing in different theatrical venues.

We also take our students on termly discounted theatre trips to see touring and West End shows so that they can see and experience theatre first hand. We teach our students about the stage and about the technical aspects of theatre too, so that they fully appreciate the hard work that goes into a production.

We want our students to enjoy performing and to have a good time learning singing, acting and dance, whether they aspire to become professional one day, just enjoy performing or just want to improve their confidence and skills. We are the only weekend performing arts group that is student led as Theatrecraft Students choose their shows, choose their theatre trips and have the opportunity to shape their own groups.

Unlike other groups we bring the children together weekly to share their work, or to work together on their shows. Singing, acting and dance just can't be separated, and our teachers work together as a production team to get the best out of our students.

Come and join us!